About Unigel

We are the largest acrylics and styrenics company in Latin America, in terms of nominal production capacity (based on data from IHS and ABIQUIM). Our proven operational track record goes back to 1966, when we started producing thermoplastic resins with our own proprietary technology in São Paulo, Brazil. Today, we are a vertically integrated chemicals company that produces a diversified portfolio of chemical, petrochemical, plastic products and fertilizers from multiple facilities in Brazil and Mexico. We were the sole producer of acrylonitrile and MMA in Latin America (based on data from IHS) and in 2018 we had the largest nominal production capacity of styrene and polystyrene (combined) in Latin America (based on data from IHS and ABIQUIM).

We operate several chemical plants distributed in three main regions (Bahia, São Paulo and Mexico), strategically located near (i) petrochemical complexes, from where we are supplied with our main raw materials, and (ii) our key markets. We serve multiple customers from a broad spectrum of industries, including construction, automotive, home appliances, electronics, agriculture, textile, mining, packaging and health care. Over the past five decades, we have developed a strong relationship with the largest suppliers and end-users in the petrochemical industry in Latin America and have developed state-of-the-art facilities and proprietary technology to provide our clients innovative solutions and products.


We sell two main categories of products, as follows:


Our acrylics business mostly consists of the production and sale of acrylonitrile, methacrylates (MMA and EMA), cell cast acrylic sheets, sodium cyanide and ammonium sulfate, which are used primarily in textile, automotive, construction, health care and electronics applications, or Acrylic Business. Our acrylics products are mainly sold to chemical manufacturers and transformers. 


We produce our acrylics products at production complexes located in Bahia, Brazil, and in Mexico:


We operate two production sites, Camaçari and Candeias, in which we produce acrylonitrile, methacrylates (MMA and EMA), sodium cyanide, ammonium sulfate and other products, such as PMMA resin, acetonitrile and other intermediate products that are consumed in our production processes, such as ACH and HCN. Given the strategic location of our facilities and our integrated business model, our production sites in Bahia supply MMA to our Mexican cell cast acrylic sheets production. 


We operate two cell cast acrylic sheet plants located in Ocoyoacac and San Luis Potosí, and one sulfuric acid plant, located in Cosoleacaque. We also own one MMA plant in Cosoleacaque, wich in 2019 was successfully outfitted to also produce EMA. 


Our styrenics business mostly consists of the production and sale of styrene, polystyrene and latex, which are used primarily in the production of consumer goods, electronics, construction materials and home appliances, or Styrenics Business. Our styrenics products are also mainly sold to chemical manufacturers and transformers. 


We produce our styrenics products at production complexes located in Bahia and São Paulo, both in Brazil:


We operate one production site in Camaçari, in which we produce styrene. Part of the styrene produced at our Camaçari site is used as a raw material in our integrated polystyrene and latex production facilities in our sites located in São Paulo, Brazil. At this site we also have a state-of-the-art ethylbenzene plant using liquid zeolite technology. The ethylbenzene is used as feedstock to both styrene plants, in Camaçari and Cubatão.  

São Paulo:

We operate industrial facilities located in three different sites in São Paulo: Cubatão, São José dos Campos and Guarujá. We produce styrene in our industrial facility located at the Cubatão petrochemical complex, close to the port of Santos, one of Latin America’s main ports. In São José dos Campos, we operate a polystyrene plant located in the Monsanto industrial park. We also operate a polystyrene plant and a latex plant located in Dow Chemical’s petrochemical site in Guarujá, close to the port of Santos. 

The maps below show the location and the annual nominal production capacity (in tons per year) of key products in our production sites as of December 31, 2018:


Methacrylates (MMA, EMA)  90,000
Sodium Cyanide (1) 18,000
Ammonium Sulfate (2) 350,000
Acrylic Sheets (3) 16,000
Styrene 190,000
Acrylonitrile 100,000
Sodium Cyanide (1) 18,000
Styrene 120,000
Polystyrene (3) 190,000
Polystyrene 120,000
Latex 42,000


Acrylic Sheets 6,000
Acrylic Sheets 12,000
Sulfuric Acid 65,000
Methacrylates (MMA, EMA)  25,000

(1) Solution sodium cyanide only.
(2) Powder ammonium sulfate only.
(3) Includes 70,000 tons per year of idled capacity.

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